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Expressive and Mixit Layout Help

make your journal look the way you want it to

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Expressive and Mixit Help
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This is the official layout help community for the S2 layouts Expressive and Mixit (they have the same S2 code and CSS classes, just different themes). Everyone is welcome to join and post. However, we ask that you be respectful. We will not tolerate flaming/wanking/yelling/screaming. This is a community for help with Expressive and Mixit, not a daycare center.

Before you post, we ask that you:

  • Browse through the tags to see if what you're looking for has already been answered. We use tags because anyone and everyone can tag entries while adding to the memories requires much more time and work. NEW! Now you can perform a full text search of entries and comments from the main page, thanks to LiveJournal's search utility!

  • Check the announcements and known bugs to see if the issue you're reporting has already been covered.
    If you haven't changed anything and your journal page or Friends Page is suddenly broken, this may be why.

  • Check out the beginners guide and this Expressive guide to see if it helps you figure out what you want to do.

When you post:

  • Provide as much information as possible, including your account type, browser type and version, the theme you're using, etc.
  • Link to the journal you need help modifying. (this is important if it's a different journal than the username you're posting with)
  • Include any custom CSS you have under an LJ-cut and leave a link to your theme layer if applicable (make sure it's viewable).
  • Stay on topic. Don't advertise/spam/pimp anything. Don't request custom graphics. We are here to help customize your layout, to help you place the graphics where you need them to be, not to make them for you. There are other communities for that. Off-topic posts will be deleted.
  • Tag your post. See the tag usage guidelines for the appropriate tags to use on your post. We use tags because anyone and everyone can tag entries while adding to the memories requires much more time and work.
  • Do not lock your post. We want this to be an open community, where anyone can see questions and answers.
  • NEVER give out your password to anyone.

After you post:

  • Keep everyone updated on your progress. When something has been solved, please edit your post and add SOLVED to the problems so when someone else has the same question, they'll know from looking at your post that there's a solution in the comments. However, please do not strikethrough the text, because it makes the post that much harder to read.

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