Jackson Pearce (watchmebe) wrote in s2expressive,
Jackson Pearce

Tag Cloud centered, archive page dates, previous/next links

I'm finally rounding up the last of my layout revamps, and have a few more small questions. I've looked over this community multiple times, and will be very embarassed if these problems are already explained in another post...but here goes!

Change the text color/style/location in the following places:
-Previous 20 | Next Entry
-Previous (positioned too close to the left side)
-Archive (positioned too close to the left and bold text)
-Tag cloud (centered/spaced strangely)

This is from the archive page. I'd really love to remove the bolded text all together, but if I can't, I'd at least like to make it a regular weight and change the color:

The tag cloud is strange to me. I get that it's lining up with the text above, but because of the bullets, it looks like it's offest to the right too much. Is there any way to make the tags truly centered?:

I'd like to have the Previous/Next links not quite so close to the left margin and change the color:

Just want to change the color here:

Lastly, I'd love it if I could center the rss/atom/sitemeter buttons.
Tags: page:skiplinks, pageviews:day, sidebar:syndicate, sidebar:tags
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