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#content-inner scroll

I couldn't find the case like me in posts. But, if it is my failure, I'm so sorry.

I have trouble about scrolling of content.
I want to set in 500px the height of "#content". I put some codes in custom CSS box and I could see the layout I wanted when I only browse by Firefox or Opera. But, when I browse by IE7 and IE6, scrollbar not works or hidden.

account type : plus
browser type : Firefox version2
theme : Sorbet Aqua

I attached borderline to understand some "ID" for myself.
Red is "#alpha" and "#beta", yellow is "#alpha-inner" and "#beta-inner", green is "#content-inner" and blue is "#content".

Please tell me. What part of my codes has problem?

These are my codes.

Capture in IE7

Capture in Fx2

Tags: bug:browser issues, page:backgrounds
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