use your woman as a human shield (milou_veronica) wrote in s2expressive,
use your woman as a human shield

[ Solved ] Extended Alpha Section (?) in Firefox

I am not very good at CSS, so I don't really know what's happening in firefox for this layout :

shinichi_kudou. It is probably something very simple! The layout works in IE7 but not in Firefox, which is strange...

All the entries seem to lie on top of the other sections, and the other sections to not extend beyond the sidebar. It seems to me that the placement of the alpha-inner or the asset? I do not know where to start.


Also, I wonder if someone can help with the squashed tags in the side bar? (small problem, but I am not very good at this)

And does anyone know the way to center the layout without extending the margin on the content?

I have looked through all the entries but nothing seems to help ;_;

Tags: bug:browser issues, page:alignment, sidebar:tags
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