Christina Lollobrigida :: that lavender blonde :: (lollobrigida) wrote in s2expressive,
Christina Lollobrigida :: that lavender blonde ::

[SOLVED] Color Change Bullets in SideBar Page Summary

I've been searching through the tags for a while now, and maybe I've missed it but I've been trying to find out how to change the color of the bullet points that are along side the page summary section. I use Expressive for a majority of my customized layouts throughout Livejournal and I'm always trying to match the darn bullet point to the layout since I haven't worked out how to change that. I figure if I can change that color? Then I won't have to keep randomly trying layouts to match up.

CSS coding is prefered. Thanks again, and if I missed the post for it? A link will do fine and I'll delete this post!
Tags: sidebar:summary, sidebar:text:colors
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