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The Philomath

date appearing in subject line when post has no subject; calendar page wonky

Dearest helpful people --

I am new to Expressive, and I have but a crude working knowledge of CSS.  I would like to request some help on a couple of issues.

I. date appearing in subject line when post has no subject  
I've noticed that when I post something that does not have a subject line, the date of the post appears in the subject line instead.  I think the moderators of this community have already also noticed this, hence the "please edit and add a title to your post!" reminder that appears in some posts and even some comments.  This is leading me to the conclusion that there is no fix for this problem except to add some sort of filler text, and I can't find anything in the tags to confirm this.  Is my conclusion correct?  

If it is indeed correct, how do I add this generic "no subject" filler text?  I see the option to add a filler text is there in customize your theme>>text>>entries, but a caveat below the option says: "This only appears in places where a subject line is required, such as on a month view."  I guess this means that the only way filler text will appear in the main page is by adding/modifying code on the CSS and/or the layer... and I don't know how to do that.  Couldn't find it in the tags, although it's very possible that I just don't know what to look for.  Help please?

II. calendar page wonky in current layout
The gorgeous layout that I'm testing right now (which I snagged from cartonage) seems to be doing some wonky things with the calendar page.  The journal of interest is my test journal, ditse, where you can see in the calendar view that there is obviously some sort of problem, compared to the main page where everything looks fine.  Well, except for the date appearing in the subject line of the top entry (bottom entry has no problem).  

Any help would be much appreciated!
Tags: entries:header, pageviews:year
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