hope springs a kernel (oh_mumble) wrote in s2expressive,
hope springs a kernel

Header/entry border & sidebar

Okay, really simple questions but it's a bit late and I can't figure out the answers.

If you take a look at my journal page there is a 1px border at the sides of the header and, I assume, the entry panel. How do I get rid of it, or change the colour? As it is currently the same colour as the middle panel it looks weird when it goes alongside the header.

I've got some code to create the 1px line under the links list in the sidebar but don't actually understand the code itself; can someone tell me how to get the same line beneath the other sidebar entries instead of the barely-visible double-line that is currently there?

Also, how do I add a 1pm border between entries? Or perhaps add a different coloured background to the separate entry headers?

Layer here, style here. I'm also using a bit of custom CSS.

Many thanks!
Tags: entries:divider, page:borders, sidebar:borders
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