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update on scrollbars problem

We (LJ) updated the CSS so that instead of images and other content being cut off if they were too large to fit in the content area, scrollbars would show up instead. The idea was that scrollbars would show in the entry area rather than the whole column, especially if only one entry needed it.

This change went live yesterday. Since then, we've been getting reports of scrollbars randomly showing up on almost all entries, regardless of whether or not there was content that didn't fit. We found out this was occuring only in older versions of browsers (maybe the current version of Netscape, can anyone confirm this?).

We made some changes, which hopefully fixes the scrollbars randomly showing up. If you added the css to "undo" the changes from yesterday, please remove it as they may not mesh nicely with the new changes.

If the new set of changes are still causing unwanted scrollbars, we'll be reverting back to the no-scrollbars version. We wanted to provide this for everyone who was unhappy with their images being cut off, but if the choice comes down to cut-off images or scrollbars everywhere, I think most of us would be happier with the cut-off images.
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