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Last question, promise - different alignment in sidebars.

I'm sure this is painfully stupid, but I am proving myself to be a CSS moron tonight.

Working on hollow_art's layout, using Expressive Chopsticks, with the three column sidebar on each side style. It seems like what I want is relatively simple, but I'm not getting it right.

What I want is for the left sidebar to have all its content (text and usericon) with right alignment. Seems simple, no? The only code I could find made both sidebars right aligned, and I don't want that. The left should be right, and the right should be left, so they're framing the content. I am a massive dork, and I won't be happy until I figure this out. I would also like to change the line height for the left sidebar ONLY.

LAST post for help for this stupid layout, I promise. And thank you all for making and maintaining an awesome community. <3
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