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How to add "reputation" under userpics?

  • Oct. 24th, 2007 at 1:04 PM
So I chat a lot on vBulletin type of forums, and what i really like there is "reputation" which users can give to each other. At the bottom one can see how this reputation accumulates, and can also determine who is "popular".

I don't want to make this "reputation" available for all users in my community to give. But as a moderator, I wish I could give "points" to the users, which would accumulate and display somehow under their userpic.

My community is a paid account. I don't know much about programming, I do know HTML though, but I don't believe HTML would be able to do it. I would need "S2" or "java" or "php"... anybody? Help? PLEASE?

I have "Expressive Seasonal": buonappetito


Oct. 26th, 2007 01:22 pm (UTC)
Yes, LiveJournal just yesterday ended the beta test phase of the new customization section and made it active for everyone. And there was much grumbling (not just you, lots of people). =(

There's a tutorial here about making a theme layer for Expressive. The only thing that's different now is how you access the Advanced area:
  1. Go to customize page, then click on "Developer Area" on the left. This section's design hasn't changed at all.
  2. Click "Your Layers"
  3. Select the community in the "Work as user:" pull-down box and hit Switch.
  4. You can either create a new theme layer or use an existing one, if you still have one. Add in the code I gave you to the theme layer and compile. Just make sure you include these lines at the top of the layer along with the layerinfo lines:
    set base_theme = "holiday-stripes-green";
    set theme_designer = "Lilia Ahner";
    set theme_designer_type = "outside";
  5. I haven't found if there's an easy way to apply a custom theme in the new system. So, we do this the old way. Back to the "Advanced" section and click "Your Styles"
  6. Select the community in the "Work as user:" pull-down box and hit Switch.
  7. There should be any of several styles, with one of them in bold. This is the "active" style, and will probably have "wizard-voxhtml" in it. Click Edit next to it.
  8. There should be a box that says "Expressive" next to Layout and a box under that that says Theme. In Theme, scroll down to the bottom and select the theme layer you just edited/created, then "Save Changes". This attaches your custom theme layer to the layout instead of one of the default themes.
At this point, the code should be active, but your customzied CSS won't be. You can add that back in at this page in the customization section, just click Custom CSS on the left sidebar. Got all that? ;)
Oct. 26th, 2007 05:04 pm (UTC)
thank you mike. i will try tonight again.

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