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'No Theme' option no longer available?--solved

I turned on beta testing to have a look at the new S2 interface (which was quite scary, imo) and then turned it off, ready to work on my Expressive layout. I've been working on it for a while--making changes using a custom style sheet and then switching back to my old (flexible squares) layout, which is controlled by another style sheet.

I tried to work on the Expressive layout today, switching my layout to Expressive, however the option to use no theme is no longer available to me. Is this the same for everyone else?

This means that whilst the colour/font properties I've specified in my stylesheet work, elements of the layouts default "bloom blue" style are showing through. This didn't happen previously when I could specify "no theme".

My knowledge of S2 is pretty much non-existant. I tried creating a custom theme and leaving it empty, in place of the "no theme" option, however the random bloom images are still showing up. Which is infuriating!

Does anyone know how I can stop this? I have a paid account, so I can edit the expressive layout layer should I need to, however I have no idea what elements I have to remove to stop the bloom blue images showing through, or to get rid of the "designed by" section. (If possible I'd prefer not to have to edit the layout layer, given my uselessness at S2)

I have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and a paid account. I wasn't entirely sure where to begin searching for this problem in the tags--I had a good look, but couldn't find anything.
Tags: css:base themes, misc
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