essbee. (themightybee) wrote in s2expressive,

unwrapping text/weeding out sidebar

I'm a paid user working on Firefox 2. I'm currently customizing the "Books" theme using a theme layer, and I've got a few problems that need some solving. I've scoured the community's tags for hours, and while I've found a lot of solutions, there are still some things I'm unclear on. (I'm new to using layers, so a lot of what I'm reading is foreign!)

Entries: I couldn't find coding that would disallow text to wrap around the user icon. (It's my one pet peeve about the Expressive layout.) I found coding that positioned the text under the user icon, but that wasn't really what I was looking for.

Sidebar: I'd like to get rid of the calender and page summary. I found this post, but it's dealing with someone who used pre-existing custom text that I don't have.

Like I said, I've spent awhile going through the tags, and I'm fairly certain I couldn't find the solutions I'm looking for. If they are there, I'd love to be pointed in the right direction.

Here are the theme layer and style preview.
Tags: entries:user icons, sidebar:calendar, sidebar:summary
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