Lady Mink (lady_mink) wrote in s2expressive,
Lady Mink

Layout Width

I know I've asked this before, back when s2expressive was relatively new, but I'm still struggling with a width issue.

Basically, I've got a 17" monitor on my laptop and the resolution is maxxed out. This means that all the expressive layouts look very narrow on my screen. I know with html you can specify a percentage for the width, which makes it stretch out when your window is maximized, but shrinks it down for smaller windows, too. Anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this so that I can not have the background image take up 50% of my screen?

Screen cap after the cut to give you an idea of what I mean.

As you can see, there's just way too much background showing on the right and left. Any ideas??
Tags: page:size
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