dusik_test (dusik_test) wrote in s2expressive,

User pic background in comments; Separators in the footer; Comment form

Thank you all for detailed answeres and posts! I am kinda lost now. Here are my most bothering me questions:

1. How do I make the white background around the userpic on the FRIENDS PAGE disappear? They seem fine in the journal itself, but if I go to the Friends page, all userpics have white background around them. This is really annoying (to me) as my background is not white.

2. How do I get rid of or change the separators between links in the footer under the comments? I would like to have either circles or zigzags instead of the lines.

3. Why did my design lose the posting options in the comment form? The posting options like you have here.

4. Is it possible to make the comments not leave margin to the left? I would like them to look like in my other journal: http://duseg.livejournal.com/

Please take a look at my journal here for reference regarding my questions. Thank you.

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