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[SOLVED] Help with Custom Text Headers for California Poppy Paid Acc't

EDIT: Never mind, but thanks to anyone who was working on it. I just kept on playing with it. The code I needed to use is in the next textbox for anyone who's curious. I might have extra code in there and all my "Cleaned" CSS needs a good cleaning up, but at least it works.

Now if anyone can tell me how to make hr bars display in the color I chose for them in my CSS, I would be delighted.


I've stared at carriep63's Expressive tutorial for hours and read the Q & A's here, and I'm stumped. The code I used to change the color of the headers in the Custom Text Box will not orientate correctly. I think there's some padding or a margin in my CSS that I can't find. (Maybe I'm wrong.)

I need the custom text headers (the green text above links in the custom text box) flush left (or maybe just a 1px left margin), but the headers are centering themselves. I can't believe it. But I know it's something I screwed up. Any ideas?

From my Cleaned CSS:

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