Foogod (foogod) wrote in s2expressive,

Change to ljextras.css?

Hi all..

It looks like earlier today there was a change to voxhtml's ljextras.css stylesheet which, in combination with a bit of custom CSS I've been using, rendered my journal horribly broken on IE. Now, I've figured out how to work around this, but what I'd like to know is if anybody can tell me why the change was implemented, and what the ramifications are if I override some of it myself.

Specifically, the bit that was interacting poorly with my own code is:

* html .asset-inner, .widget-inner {
   overflow-x: auto !important;
   overflow-y: hidden !important;
   width: 100% !important;
   padding-bottom: 10px;

Can anybody tell me what this added bit of CSS is intended to do? I'm assuming it's supposed to fix some problem of some sort, but what is the problem it's addressing?

Thanks for any assistance..
Tags: !obsolete, bug:lj issues, entries:overflow
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