Septic Tank (spitting_demons) wrote in s2expressive,
Septic Tank

Messing with sidebars

I just started to work on customizing my expressive layout, and even though this community has helped me phenomenally so far, there are still a couple of things I couldn't find help on.

If this matters at all, I have a paid account and I'm working with the Travel Sand theme.

1. How do you change the text color/family for the sidebar titles. (Ex: Profile, Latest Month, Tags, those things) Or better yet, is there a way to insert a picture in place of it?

2. In your links section, is there a way to replace the links with Affalites?

3. I need a way to change the general color of the side bar, background, the lines dividing it, etc.

4. Is there a way to get rid of the text in your header? Like the name of your journal and stuff.

5. How to get rid of the little friends only locks without having to replace them with a picture.

6. And lastly, I need to know how to change the background of my entries.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: lj icons:security, sidebar:backgrounds, sidebar:borders, sidebar:headers:colors, sidebar:linklist
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