Alexandra (alexandramuses) wrote in s2expressive,

[SOLVED!] putting CSS in the theme layer + removing poster

Hi there!

As you can see by the subject line, I'd like to know how to put the CSS into the theme layer, rather than as an external stylesheet (when customising, LJ only re-loads these every five minutes or so, which is a pain) or in the Custom CSS box, where it's frustrating to have to scroll down that tiny box. In other styles, there's a kind of print_custom_head, but all I saw in the Expressive Layer Source was a print_custom_stylesheet, and as I'm much better with CSS than with any kind of programming (brackets and parenthesis and strings, oh my!), I'd appreciate some advice on where to put my CSS, and what sort of escape quotes/slashes I need to use.

Also, how can I get rid of the entire poster information? I'm using this theme for my graphics community not_quite_art, but as all the posts are by me, I don't want to have my icon and username cluttering up the post.

Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, css:in layers, entries:user icons
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