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Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but I didn't see this already discussed.

My journal is set to Friends Only and I recently switched to Expressive - Cityscape: Miami.  I noticed at the bottom left column, under the page summary, that it had a link to a RSS/ATOM feed.  When I clicked the link it brought up every single post in my journal.  It did this even when I logged out, closed the browser, and reopened another, and then looked at my journal again - still logged out - it brought up every single journal entry.  These are all supposed to be secure and only accessible to those I've placed on my Friends List; why is there an option for a feed that lets anyone read my entries?  

I pay for my journal and would like to be able to use the creative themes that were designed for and by LJ, but I don't want to compromise my bit of privacy at the same time.  Is this something that can be customized to NOT have a RSS feed?  Did I miss it somewhere where it stated this up-front and I should have known this before switching themes?

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