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Fort Awesome

SOLVED! date/time disappears!

::edit:: This has been solved, thanks!

Hi! I'm new to the community and to Expressive, and I've already solved some problems by looking through the tags (added the entry divider, check!), but doesn't look like my current problem is happening to anyone else. Here's what's going on.

The date/time is not showing up on my entries. I thought at first it was in a really light font color or white-on-white, but when I highlight the text I can't highlight a date. It's literally not there. I still thought maybe changing the font color would help, so I figured out the CSS to do that. Now, as my journal is loading, the date/time appears, in the color I selected, but as soon as the page finishes loading, the date disappears. I've asked some of my friends to look at my journal, and most of them see the date just fine, but one has said she has the same problem I'm having where it's there and then disappears. I am using IE 6.0, and I can't change that because I'm at work.

I'm using the "Elephants Spring" theme, and this problem happens with all four of the "Elephant" themes, but not with other Expressive themes as far as I can tell (everything is fine with "Butterflies", for example). But I like the happy elephants!

Oh, and I also tried creating a custom layer to change the date/time format, thinking maybe it would override whatever the problem is, but that didn't work either. I have a ticket open with LJ support, but I figured I'd ask here too in case it turns out to be an easy fix. Thanks!
Tags: bug:browser issues, entries:timestamp
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