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Hey guys,

I hope you can help me out with my problems!
I´ve looked through the memories, could solve some of my problems, but couldn´t find something that helps me out with this questions. I´m a complete newbe with html and css, so I hope you are patiently.. *thanks*
I try to make a new layout for my community icon_needs and the account is paid.

First a screenshot to make my problems visiual:

1. I like to change the color of the sidebar, but can´t find the color..?

2. How can I hide the headername? I thought I have to put in something like hidden in this group, but it´s not working:
#header-name a {

3. I like to put the header nav bar between header and the journal, which is also problem ->

4. How can I make a gap all over the header?

Well, maybe you need even this information: my css.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: header:nav links, sidebar:backgrounds
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