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Applying style to blockquote in user entries. [Fixed]

So I just finished changing the colors on my style to match the new header image, or so I thought. Apparently there's a background image applied to the blockquote which matches the colors of the base style before I did all my color changing, and I originally missed it because the top part of the block quote was under my user icon in the entry I was checking the formatting of the blockquote on.

Applying "background-image: none;" to "blockquote" doesn't clear the background image, nor does it do any good when I apply it to ".asset-body blockquote" either. Any ideas what I should apply the "background-image: none;" to?

I'm doing this to the journal I am posting from, diziara. As this is a css thing, I shouldn't need to make my theme layer public, but I will do so if asked. Thanks in advance!

PS to maintainers: I've noticed some problems with the community style here, what's the best way to inform you of those problems?

Solution: There was one more layer of class nesting, and I needed ".post-asset .asset-body blockquote" to make my fix. Thanks to angryhamster for the help.

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