Mister Baltimore (av8rmike) wrote in s2expressive,
Mister Baltimore

Entry Title Images Suddenly Appearing

The latest code push made a slight change to the structure of entry titles. This change enabled entry title images on some themes that had been missing them before. I haven't checked to see how many themes might have been affected, but if you're now seeing little images next to the entry headings when you weren't before, that is why. The change may also affect custom CSS applied to the entry or sticky post titles.

(If you have a custom print_entry() function, nothing will have changed.)

The fix contained in this post should still work for most themes, i.e. those that put the post ornament in .asset-header{}. Some of the "newer" themes, including some of the Expressive Seasonal themes, put the ornament in .asset-header-content{}, another HTML child element in the post title. Use this CSS to remove the image:
.asset-stream .asset-header-content {
    background-image: none;
Or, you can specify your own image:
.asset-stream .asset-header-content {
    background-image: url(PATH TO YOUR IMAGE);

Tags: entries:header:ornament, how to:instructions
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