inaudiblechaos (inaudiblechaos) wrote in s2expressive,

Changing width, border and opacity

This is probably going to sound ridiculous, partly because I don't know all the technical terms. eem... what I want to do is either by removing the bit above my header with the 'archive ... friends ... memories etc.' (header nav links?) or by some other means, make the border around my header contained around ONLY the header background image, so either move the border down or remove the top bit... if that makes any sense.

Also, for some reason the border around the 'page-inner' section of my page won't change colour...? It's stuck at grey. It's also stuck at a certain width and won't let me make it any smaller. Any reason why it would do that?

And I was wondering is there a way to change the opacity of this same section so that you can see the background colour or image partly through it. Same with the header.

Thank-you for your help sorry to be a pain... 


Oh and I think I tagged this wrong sorry :(

EDIT: I've just realised that maybe the reason the width won't change is because there's another component either side of the header?



Tags: header:nav links:placement, page:borders, page:size
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