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White borders/#page - can they go away?

On all of these questions, I looked around and couldn't find definitive answers. If I've missed something, my apologies! :-[

On a few of the Expressive layouts -- the best example being the Guitar layout -- there is a thin white border around the header image and around the rest of the layout. I am wondering if there is a simple way to make them disappear with CSS. - Solved

The other question is also related to the Guitar and similarly-based layouts. In this layout, the #page layer creates a strip of color between the header and the sidebars/body on top, and a big strip of the same color on the bottom, that does not allow the sidebar color to go all the way to the top and bottom. If I do #page { background-color: none; }, it just turns them white instead of transparent so that I could instead see the sidebar colors beneath it, like you can in the Cycling layout for example

I would use the Cycling layout to get this effect but when I try to change all the #widget colors (inner, header, content, footer and then #beta colors for the backgrounds on the dividers), there is still a block of color on the bottom that I can never get to change to match and I've given up on that. :-P (In the Guitar and similar layouts, changing the #content and #content-inner color works for the mystery color block, but not in the Cycling layout.)

I'm trying to attempt this all in the Custom CSS box. They're not pressing issues, but more my curiosity as to why I can't get them to work. Thanks as always for any help. :-)
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