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Sample external style sheets

Some external style sheets that may be useful as bases. At least, they do some things people have been asking about.

Base. A stripped-down base style sheet, listing (almost) all the classes and ids in the voxhtml more or less in order of appearance.

Boxes. Based on Fleur White, elements are set off with borders and text colors.

Blocks. Elements are set off with blocks of background color.

Accents. Based on Playful Cherry Blossoms, elements are set off with images marking headers and between entries.

Flexible Squares. A duplicate of Flexible Squares, re-engineered for voxhtml. I love this layout, and I find it easier to customize this way.

These are all flexible-width layouts, but they can be refitted to fixed-width easily. Making #alpha margin:0 and width:75% usually seems to work pretty well. Also, the double-sidebar layouts in Base are not very well tested, since I never use two sidebars. I wouldn't be surprised if those require some messing around with margins to make them look good.

I'm making these public, of course, but if you want to use Boxes or Accents it would be nice if you uploaded the background images to your own Scrapbook. ^_^
Tags: contribution, css:starter sheets
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