Mister Baltimore (av8rmike) wrote in s2expressive,
Mister Baltimore

Recent Bugfixes in Expressive

It's been a while since any sort of announcement post, so I thought I would explain the bugs that have been fixed in the most recent code update:
  • Expressive will no longer remove borders from linked images in entries.
  • A closing <DIV> tag in the sticky post header was in the wrong place, which sometimes did weird things to the styling.
  • Long lists of one-word tags will now wrap instead of displaying in one long line. (Hello harmonatrix! ;)
  • Setting the base theme to "none" would result in a blank journal page when viewed in IE6, even with custom stylesheets.

Any questions, feel free to comment. Also, I'm always interested in suggestions on ways to better organize information in the community, or on other tutorials people might want written. The suggestions post is here.
Tags: !announcement
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