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user icons

Thanks to this community, my layout is now alsmost exactly the way I want it to be ♥ 
There are still some things that I need to figure out, and any help would be greatly appreciated. But anything other than copy/pasting code into the Custom CSS box is beyond me, really.

1. It bothers me how my userpics distory my entries, and I would just like to make them go away. But if I use 

.user-icon {
display: none; 

the userpics on my flist disapear as well, and I would like to keep those. Is there any way to keep them seperate?

2. And there's the thing with the white frames around icons on my flist. It's been asked twice before, and the best I could do with the answers so far is this: 

.user-icon, .user-icon a{
    text-decoration: none !important;
    background: #000034 !important;
    color: white !important;

But there's still a bit of white underneat the links. Any ideas for better code? 
Tags: entries:user icons, pageviews:friends
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