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line break between security icon & entry subject - SOLVED

I've sifted through all the entries relating to security icons and the entry subject, but I have not found anything that solves my one small problem. I am using a modified version of the theme Landscape Desert Day. As it is right now, there is a line break between the security icon and the entry subject.

I would like to move the security icon to left of the entry subject on the same line. Much like the little post ornament, which does not exist in this theme. Normally I wouldn't let something little like this bother me, but my journal has all friends only and private entries. Seeing that random, useless line break on a regular basis bugs me for some reason. I have no idea what I would need to add into my custom CSS to fix it. So, if someone could help me out I would be very greatful.
Tags: bug:lj issues, entries:header, lj icons:security
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