Char (blackestfaery) wrote in s2expressive,

Completely Blank - SOLVED

Has anyone else had this problem...?

S2Expressive, paid account.

Enough of my friends have raised this issue when it comes to my journal, and the problem is, is that they can't see my journal at at all. It's a blank window with only the background showing.

I wasn't aware of this issue because both my Firefox and IE are up to date, but it seems anyone who is using an older version of IE (as for an older version of Firefox, I'm not sure. No one using Firefox has complained yet) cannot see my entries.

Any suggestions on how to fix it? If I remember correctly, the code I used had something like escape code (?) for older browsers, but it was suggested to me by another user to remove it since it moved both my sidebars and appended it to the bottom of my journal.

Any suggestions and pointers would be great and thanks.
Tags: !obsolete, bug:lj issues
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