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Changing Font and Font Size

  • Sep. 5th, 2006 at 7:56 PM
Hey all!

I was curious... is it possible to change the font face and/or font size? I couldn't find an option for it, so I'm guessing I'd have to use layers or something of the sorts.




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Sep. 6th, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)
You can control the main font of entries within the body tag:

body {font-family: arial; font-size:10pt; }

For all the other text, there are loads of different classes to alter to change them. Most inefficient. Some are (from what I've figured so far):

.item Controls appearance of entry date and time, the journal subtitle in the sidebar profile and the bullets in the page summary list.
.current Controls style of the navigation link in the header for the page you're on (e.g. recent entires) (not colour).
.first Forces the style of the first of the navigation links in the header (not colour).
.asset-meta-comments Controls style of entry management links (e.g. comments, edit, etc.) (not colour).
.asset-meta-no-comments Same as asset-meta-comments.
.tag Controls tags, but has little effect. Specifying font size has some effect, but not as expected - it's like you're specifying the average font size for the tag cloud.

.nav Controls style of navigation links in the header (not colour).
.asset-meta-list Controls style of entry date and time, and entry management links at bottom of entry (e.g. post comment, edit etc.).
.asset-tags-list Controls style of tags listed at bottom of entry (not colour).
.taglist Presumably controls tag list - no discernable effect.

.profile-list Controls style of profile text (overridden by widget-list) (not colour of links).
.widget-list Controls style of listed text within widgets (not titles) (not colour of links).

.profile-username Controls username link in profile (not colour).
.profile-name Controls the subtitle and website link in the profile (not colour of website link).

.asset-name Controls entry titles (not colour).
.page-header2 Controls entry titles (not colour), same as asset-name.

.asset-tags-header Controls style of "Tags:" title at bottom of entries (not size).
.page-header-4 Same as asset-tags-header.

.datetime Controls style of entry date and time text.

.entryMetadata-label Controls style of mood, music, place labels.
.entryMetadata-content Controls mood, music, place values.

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