Lena (ledbylove) wrote in s2expressive,

alignment in the sidebar? - SOLVED

Hey guys! I am using css from thefulcrum for my Mixit Layout, which pretty much rocks, but I've un-hidden the profile and I can't get the sidebar alignment to play nice. What I want is for the all the headers to be left-aligned as they are and for the content of the profil box to be centered, but I want to content of all the other side bar boxes to be either left-aligned or justified. I can't seem to figure out what class/id to modify to make that work, though. I've managed to get it ALL centered, but I can't seem to center ONLY the profile.

(I did get it to center the profile header and content, but when I left-aligned the header, it changed the content as well and in centering the content seperately, I seem to have centered the content for the whole sidebar, which looks okay for the days, but I hate it in the links :P)

My CSS is easily viewable in the page source at lenabee and I would appreciate any help y'all can give me!

Solved in the comments, thanks!
Tags: sidebar:profile, sidebar:text:alignment
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