Craig Baldwin (craigbaldwin) wrote in s2expressive,
Craig Baldwin

Footer Image and Margins, Sticky Post Colour and Sidebar Link Colours - SOLVED

Okay I've look all over and found lots of useful information but I failed to find out how to alter the following things. I'm using Expressive: Piximix Orange (or what once was anyway) on Firefox 2.0, Paid User for craigbaldwin. Please could you put it in a copy and paste layout as I have no clue how to use CSS

1. At the very bottom of the page there is an extra image (the orange bubbles if you look) and it's completely out of place and I'm wondering; how do you change the image? SOLVED

2. Is there no way to alter the background colour to the Sticky Post title? SOLVED

3. If there is a post about it I've missed it over and over; how do you change the link colours of the sidebar? SOLVED

Any help is much appreciated.
Tags: entries:header, entries:sticky post, footer:image, sidebar:text:colors
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