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How to..

Hi :) New to expressive, but not custom themes, html or css. Your comm has been very helpful with getting started. :D

browser: firefox
paid account

No theme selected, I'm using the user layer and an external stylesheet which you can view here.

Link to the user layer:

- How can I change the datetime format to: DAY MONTH DATE YEAR TIME? I tried using the DayPage function, other day and year functions along with the set day order property, but I doubt I did it correctly cuz nothing showed up when I viewed page source to see if the "yeardate" or "dayyymmmmmdddd" class IDs were there.

- I was trying to change the page-inner width to be less than 800px, so that people with smaller resolutions can see the body background, but then the sidebar ends up on the bottom of the page. I already tried changing both the beta and alpha inner widths, page-innner, content-inner and adding container with a width setting.

I'd also like to know:
- How to get the mood image to show up after the mood description. ie: Mood: good [IMAGE]

- How to center entry footer links? lj currents didn't work. It only centered the mood/loc.

And is it possible to have the Prev link NOT position at the top of the page or next to the nav links?

The most important issues right now is the date and mood. Appreciate any help. :D
Tags: entries:linkbar, entries:metadata, entries:timestamp, page:size
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