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Moving mood & music up in entry box?

Hi all--

I was inspired by the new theme designs to change my journal layout from 3 column to Expressive, but I'm still ironing out some kinks. I don't know any CSS, so that might be part of it.

Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to move the 'music' and 'mood' fields (and posssibly the tags as well) up to where the date/time are (ideally, I'd like to have them aligned right while the date is aligned left) instead of being in the footer of the entry (similar to how it is in 3 column)? I'm a paid user so all options are open, but if it's a more involved process than just copy/pasting into the custom stylesheet area, then a detailed explanation would be appreciated!

Thanks! :u)

*update: Just moving the music/mood up in the entry box (i.e. next to the icon or between the icon and the entry text) would be fine too, if that is easier to change.
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