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New Expressive Themes and Crediting Designers

As part of the most recent code update, there are now 70 or so new themes for Expressive! This update should complete the porting of all themes from Vox to here, as well as a few themes only available on LiveJournal. Theme previews are available from the link in the "Profile" module atop the sidebar on the left.

The design team has also changed the way the "Designed By" module in the sidebar works to accommodate all the new designers. The designer and type (LiveJournal or off-site user) is now set with properties in the theme layer. This change means that designers who create their own theme layers can also credit themselves, if desired.

Add the following lines to your theme layer:
set theme_designer = "exampleusername";
set theme_designer_type = "ljuser";

Simply replace the example with the desired LJ user name. If you don't change this property in your theme layer, the designer module will use the layout default, chasethestars.

To disable the module completely (instead of using CSS):
set theme_designer_type = "";
Setting theme_designer to null won't hide the module, it'll just print a ljuser icon with no name.

Alternatively, use CSS to hide the module:
.designed-widget {
    display: none;
in the custom_css property.
EDIT: Forgot to mention that Paid and Plus users can use the CSS to hide the module, but Plus users have to put it in the Customize Journal->Custom CSS box. Paid users can put the CSS either there or in the theme layer.
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