Hammy (angryhamster) wrote in s2expressive,

More layout stuff

Am trying to put together a commented stylesheet with notes on most of the classes someone would need to heavily customize their layout while still using the base sheet based on some of the theme cheets available. I've got most of what I need (I think!) but these are a few that I can't seem to decipher...

.page-header1 a,
.page-header3 a
.asset-name a
.asset-tags-list .asset-tags-add-tags:hover
.enclosure-asset-name a
.asset-stream-grid .asset-inner
.asset-detail .asset-containers
.widget-header .edit a

If you can help with any of these (even just to tell me they're Vox-only or anything else, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Edit: And if anyone can tell me how to change the fontsize of the userinfo (under icons on friends page), that'd be great, too.
Tags: css:starter sheets, entries:user icons
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