Bratty (lab_brat) wrote in s2expressive,

Header woes

Hi, Hope someone can help.

I am a paid user, and I am using firefox and with several expressive themes, I find the header gets cut off either at the top or the bottom.

Here is a screenshot as an example, with "Landscape Country Night"

bigger version here:

here is what it is supposed to look like:

you can't see the top of the windmill and only half the bird on my LJ. This also happens with several other layouts. However, if I view the same layout on someone else's LJ, it looks fine so I am thinking it is specific to my lj (unless they fixed it).

can someone tell me what might be wrong, or point me in the direction for fixing it?


PS. I don't have the theme in use at present because it not looking right annoys me, but if anyone needs to see it just give a shout and I will switch back to it for a while.
Tags: header:image
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