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Good morning!

Ok, I've checked through the posts and such and not found anything quite like what I need help with. 3 things:

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A. I'd like to change the little person icon thing next to the names to another small image that I have about the same size. So when someone posts to the community or even if a link to their journal is posted, the image will be one of my choosing.

B. I'd like to change the colour of just the lj-cut text links (as well as any other links posted within a post entry) and the colour of the tags. I'd like all the other links to stay the colour they already are.

C. Sticky posts. How do I do it? I'd like to take the welcome post for my community and fix it so it stays attached at the top so matter how many other posts are made after. I tried doing this once on my personal journal and it changed the way the post didn't match my layout at all and I don't want this to happen again on my community.

Thank you very much in advance, for any help that is provided. =)
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