Jade (jadedthang) wrote in s2expressive,

Resizing Content to Match Header Width - SOLVED

Apologies beforehand. I've spent a good three hours searching through the tags for an answer. I know this has been previously addressed, but I either didn't see the answer to this, or the answer that was given either wasn't specific enough or didn't make sense to me. *facepalms* Sorry for the duplicate question.

That said, I'm trying to make my content match the width of my header. jadedthang I'm using the Cycling Blue theme, Two Columns Sidebar Left layout. I'm trying to do this on a paid account. I know there's a way to do it in CSS but thus far all my attempts have failed. The width for the whole content/entries should be roughly 800px. I don't really want to change the width of the sidebar, just the entries section, so that everything lines up fluidly and the entire content is all the same width. If that makes sense? Gawd I hope it does.

Also: Does anyone know how to get rid of the "bigleftcorner.gif" and "bigrightcorner.gif" in the header? My mind's gone blank as to how to null those out.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Or if you can point me in the direction of a post that *does* have this information in full, I'd be very grateful.
Tags: header:image, page:size
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