mutelorelei (mutelorelei) wrote in s2expressive,

header banner add-in?

I just got a paid account and I'm looking forward to customizing things, but I'm not very familiar with CSS, though I do have some experience with HTML. I haven't seen a tutorial for exactly what I want to do -- I don't want to replace the header with a new one, I'd like to know how to put in a image banner *between* the header and where the sidebar(s)/posts start, if that's possible.

I'm using s2 Expressive, Playful Cherry Blossoms, viewing under IE. The banner I intend to use is 900 x 180 pixels, though it wouldn't be hard to make wider, if necessary, to fit in exactly with the width of the body (could anyone tell me the standard pixel size of different sections in Expressive?).
Tags: header:image, misc:extra content
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