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Header question [Solved]

I'm not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere and I've missed it; if so, apologies. :-) I've just started experimenting with S2/Expressive; I'm pretty good at S1 so I've got a handle on basic coding.

What I want to do is find an easier way to shift the journal contents downward when you have a larger header. So far I've only found this, which shows how to make it in a theme layer. I got that to work all right but then when I applied the theme layer it went to the default layout rather than Cycling Blue which is what I'm using now.

Is it possible to just use a bit of CSS code in the Custom CSS box to do this? I'd have no problem with a theme layer if I could figure out why it switches it back to default. I checked when I made the theme layer if I could specify the Cycling Blue style but it didn't seem to offer that option unless I'm missing it. :-[

Thanks in advance!
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