Kyohei Maru (chungsparadise) wrote in s2expressive,
Kyohei Maru

Automatic navigation movement

Sorry for another post here, but I'm rather tired right now and I've looked through the entries and haven't found that any one as asked this question so far.

. How do I get my header navigation to move into the center of my page under my header image when I change from a WTT to the TWT or TW without having to change it's position manually each time.

I've only got a plus account so I can't do themes. Need to find away to do this only in the CSS.

Take a look at my layout under this name to see.

(WTT = 3 column content left side, TWT = 3 column content in the middle, TW = Two column sidebar on the left)
Tags: header:nav links
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