Kyohei Maru (chungsparadise) wrote in s2expressive,
Kyohei Maru

9 questions

Forgive me if I overlooked what I'm asking some where in here, but I've looked through the tags and can't seem to find what I'm looking for and when I do there's no solution.

Nine things I need answered/helped with.

1.) I want to change the links on the bottom of each entry to images and to push them over to stop them from hugging the edge.

2.) To change the background color of the Sticky post to the color I'm using for it's header without having to change colors in Alpha-inner

3.) To get rid of the little bit of space above the subject line - SOLVED

4.) Change the sidebar links color without having to change the whole layouts links color - SOLVED

5.) Some how to put the date on the subject line

6.) Push the entry text over to stop it from hugging the edge - SOLVED

7.) To the change the lock, community and lj user pic to my own - SOLVED

8.) Place a border around the userpic in the profile on the sidebar - SOLVED

9.) Also to push the metadata over to stop it from hugging the edge - SOLVED

Sorry if I'm asking alot. I'm a flexible squares coder so everything is rather different to me in Expressions, but I wanted to give coding it a try nevertheless.
Tags: entries:metadata, lj icons:security, lj icons:userinfo, sidebar:profile:user icon, sidebar:text:colors
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