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Solved - [Endless Summer] Color of Headers: Sidebar

Using Endless Summer : Sand on a Plus+ Account HERE - itslike_yoga

I changed all of the Headers (Profile, Page Summary, Tags, etc.) and Divider lines that were "brown" to a color that matched the rest of my layout. I changed the weight of them to BOLD, and increased their px size to 18px.

Codes to change colors of Headers and Divider Lines in Sidebar : (font-weight: bold // font-size: --px = optional)

.widget-header a,
.widget .widget-header a,
.widget-header .edit a {
    color: #------;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-size : 18px;
    border-bottom-color: #------;

Big THANK YOU!!! to av8rmike Aviator!Mike!! For tinkering around with it until all my little hiccups were fixed!
Tags: sidebar:headers:colors
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