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Nav. bar, I think


I am using the Unity Baby Pink with Internet Explorer... and everything is working pretty good, but there are a few alterations I would like to make; I would appreciate any help/ideas anybody may have.

1. The purple bar between my header and entries I would like to delete or make white? Is that the navigation bar? (I've deleted my navigation links.) I figured out how to change the background color of the entire layout but then there's still that purple bar. And that color is not in my Color section of Customization. Screen Shot

1a. Lower the header, so there's not so much space between the header image and the rest of the layout.

2. Is there anyway to use html in Sidebars: Body of custom sidebar module, the Free Text. I want to add the links to the users for credit.

3. Can I narrow the width of my entries in a tad bit so they line up with my header image???

4. Why is the font of my tags so many different sizes??? May I make them all one size, like medium?

Thank you.

5. I would also like to add a background, keeping the header. Is this possible?

6. Narrow the width of the entire layout, to possibly see more of the background I might use?

7. I tried to look at a style sheet somebody had commented but the link wouldn't work for me. I would like to learn about the style sheet or how to edit the layout freely.

I've tried suggestions in this thread and several other posts and comments, all tags... Either I haven't found the correct solutions to my problems or I'm not doing something right.

Thank you so much!
Tags: header:image, sidebar:custom, sidebar:tags
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