The White Ghost (nimoloth) wrote in s2expressive,
The White Ghost

How To Change The Image Next To The Entry Title

Some layouts (such as Hills) have a little picture next to the entry title. This can be changed with:

.asset-stream .asset-header {
background: transparent url(post-ornament.gif) no-repeat scroll 0 0;

Replace post-ornament.gif with the address of your own image (remember to include http://) and put this in the Custom CSS area.

If you then need to move the entry title text over a bit due to overlapping, put these two lines into your Custom CSS:

h2.asset-name, .pageheader2 .asset-name-hover { margin-left: 36px; }
h2.asset-name, .pageheader2 { margin-left: 36px; }

Adjust the margin there as required.
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