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User icons and entry formatting

I'm having a problem formatting the content of my entries, and I've yet to find a solution for it. I really noticed this was a problem when I tried centering/blockquoting content in my entries, and the content was displaced by the user icon. Also, I don't like having text wrapped the user icons in my entries, and I tried the solution offered here, but that didn't fix it. I also tried .user-icon { float: right; } to see if putting the user icon to the right sode of entries would fix it, and not only did I not like having the icon on the right side, it didn't fix the formattting problem, either.

What I want basically, is for there to be a margin of space below the user icon that is the length of the entry's content. To the right of that, I want the entry's content, and I don't want the formatting of it to be affected by the user icon. I do, however, want the footer stuff (metadata & comment links) to be aligned left with the user icon, rather than the entry content.

Also, how do I change the order of the meta data listed at the bottom of each entry? I want to change the order so that current mood is at the top of the list and location after both mood & music. As it is, the mood icon usually takes up more space than that currrent mood line of text, so it pushes the "location" line of text floating somewhere above it.
Tags: entries:metadata, entries:user icons
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