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SOLVED: Need to make entry text bigger

I need step-by-step words-of-one-syllable instructions for how to increase the text size of the entry content/bodies (not the whole page/layout) of my friends and recent entries pages.

I am new to S2 modification. I used to know some HTML but have multiple sclerosis and so my brain does not work like that any more.

I have a paid account and am using Zen Midnight. The account I want to do this work on (hopefully a very simple, click here, type this, process) is natf.

I love the layout but cannot read the text this small. I know I can increase the size of the text of the whole page in my browser but that messes up the left-hand column. I also know that I can magnify areas of my screen (I use a mac) but would rather just be able to increase the text size at 'source'.

{edit: I was sure that I remembered settings / options pages per LJ style that included setting text size and so on...}
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