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What I want to do with Expressive in theme layers

I don't understand theme layers. I do very well at cutting and pasting code to do this or that thing, but figuring out what the various classes and functions and *writing* my own workarounds? Even after reading the nifty S2 theme guide... no clue.

Anyways, there are a few things I had in my previous flexible squares layout that I'd like to replicate for Expressive, but I can't quite figure out how to translate the one into the other.

(1) customizing the comments links - i.e, adding or removing mem/edit/track, or reordering the links
(2) adding links to the main nav bar (Recent/Archive/Friends/Profile/Web site), removing Mem --- SOLVED
(3) adding a new section to the sidebar, such as a random quote generator

I'd also like to remove the user name from under the userpic in the "Profile" sidebar. --- SOLVED

Tags: comments, header:nav links, sidebar:custom
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